One week at THE CLUB - Arles 2013

The club was curated by Olivier Cablat & Sebastian Hau, with the precious help of Pato Mora, Benjamin Mouly.
Many thanks to all the artists, editors & friends.. 

Book and conferences at THE CLUB - Arles 2013


And conferences :

Erik Kessel + Ruth Van Beek

Bertrand Stofleth and Geoffroy Mathieu

Simon Baker and Emile Hyperion-Dubuisson

+ conferences by Gregoire Eloy, Nicolas Giraud, Edmund Clark, Guy Robertson and crew, Nina Strand, 
Stephanie Solinas + Lea Bismut ...


The CLUB / Exhibitions - Part 4 - The Archive Of Modern Conflict

Left part : 

Right part :

Conquerors of SPACE 
Curated by Kalev Erickson
Edited from the Archive of Modern Conflict with Kalev Erickson,  Sebastian Hau, Olivier Cablat, Christina de Middel and Thomas Mailander

A.M.C. (Archive of Modern Conflict) is an archive, picture library, research facility and publisher based in London. Its collection covers photography from its earliest beginnings through to the present day, and includes material sourced from all over the world. Its books draw on works from the collection, and typically combine an interest in private societies, social representation and war with complex systems of narration.
AMC will collaborate for the fifth year with Galerie 2600 by presenting a selection of images of astronauts and space travel history from a wide range of sources and countries.


The CLUB / Exhibitions - Part 3 - Oliver Sieber

Imaginary club - Oliver Sieber

For many years Oliver Sieber has been asking young people to appear before his camera, people whose clothing is associated with a specific subculture, be it punk, skin, teddy boy, rockabilly, goth, etc. 
In Imaginary Club the figures are not arranged according to types, instead the photographer combines the images of different color series with black and white shots of street scenes or concerts. In these juxtapositions of different styles and locations he creates an “imaginary club”, a co-existence of diverse styles that define themselves by the way in which they diverge from mainstream society. The fact that the portraits were created in Europe, the U.S. and Japan indicates how the shadowy apparitions of subcultures propagate themselves and are modified in the globalized pop underground. (Extract from a text by Florian Ebner)

The CLUB / Exhibitions - Part 2 - Doug Rickard

These Americans - Doug Rickard

WHAT IS These Americans ?
A mirror. A reflection. A projection. Glorious banks of data. An American medium. 
T.A. is a visceral, glistening American narrative, an exploration of the past and its feeding of the present, the throbbing heart and saturated soul of a nation beared forth in all of its naked and “glory”. The blood,sweat and tears of our red,white and blue civilization can only be seen through the displaying of our items,the sum of our whole can only be viewed through the millions of our electric moving parts.

The CLUB / Exhibitions - Part 1 - Estelle Hanania

Demoniac babble - Estelle Hanania

" I started photographing them in 2006 and never really stopped ever since then. I’m attracted to a feeling of disorientation and excitement that you can find in these kinds of gatherings and costumed traditions.  
The visual collision between the subject and its background is an endless source of inspiration. I love the wildness, roughness of it and the way people let themselves go and don’t think anymore about how they should behave… 
I mean, there’s something brutal in every kind of traditions I photograph but in a way it’s all about going back to childhood, or at least to a primary and almost naively wild feeling. Just like when you’re a kid and you hide behind a door and suddenly you scream as loud as you can at your sister who just entered the room, and then you have a big laugh as she’s scared to death ! "


Making the CLUB - Arles June 22-30th 2013