DIGITAL TRADITION presented a selection of works using  digital photography as a practical assimilated by many authors : digital information flow, flexible and compatible material, potential for multiple spatiality and temporality.

With propositions by:
Pauline Hisbacq, Eric Tabuchi, Simon Scanner, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Gilles Pourtier, Raphaël Dallaporta, Johan Attia, Josef Schulz, DJ Sundae, Olivier Cablat, Thomas Mailaender, booksonline.fr

La bienheureuse blog installation by Pauline Hisbacq

An elephant in a room, installation by Gilles Pourtier

Johan Attia, booksonline.fr,..

Simon Scanner's Madagascar 4 tape paintings..

Eric Tabuchi's multiple series / digital frames installation

Josef Schulz's Sign out installation

Mathieu Bernard-Reymond,..

Olivier Cablat's ATLAS installation 

Thomas Mailaender's Trivision installation

DJ Sundae,..

Raphaël Dallaporta Ruins video installation

>> Upcoming september 15th the digital downloadable catalog of the exhibition