The CLUB / Exhibitions - Part 4 - The Archive Of Modern Conflict

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Conquerors of SPACE 
Curated by Kalev Erickson
Edited from the Archive of Modern Conflict with Kalev Erickson,  Sebastian Hau, Olivier Cablat, Christina de Middel and Thomas Mailander

A.M.C. (Archive of Modern Conflict) is an archive, picture library, research facility and publisher based in London. Its collection covers photography from its earliest beginnings through to the present day, and includes material sourced from all over the world. Its books draw on works from the collection, and typically combine an interest in private societies, social representation and war with complex systems of narration.
AMC will collaborate for the fifth year with Galerie 2600 by presenting a selection of images of astronauts and space travel history from a wide range of sources and countries.


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