Simon SCANNER, the crazy wood taper. Hypermarkt 2010


Tape on wood - 80x120 cm - One exemplary

Waffen Coolo

Tape on wood - 80x120 cm - One exemplary

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O.I.F. by Katja STUKE & Oliver SIEBER


61 Photographs of Movie Locations by Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber

2003 / 2009, 61 Pigment Prints each 16,5 x 22 cm

Numbered and signed, Ed. 10

More informations : http://www.boehmkobayashi.de/

Gael POLLIN, Egyptian conceptual walk

The legend tells that Gael Pollin produce only one picture each year.
Each time you have the occasion of watching one of these incredible pictures, take your time and you won't regret it..

Portrait, Fayoum - 2006, 400 x 600 mm

Rue Sidi Yacoub, Alexandrie - 2008, 600 x 800 mm

Incidents, by Nicolas GIRAUD

Some bits of "incidents", by Nicolas Giraud, meeting the movie "Empire strikes back" by Olivier Cablat.
July 5th 2010, opening of the Hypermarkt.


SUNDAE, a bit of graphism using photography

Triptic : E.12 S. opening - E.12 S. closing - E.12 S. climax

© Sundae graphiques 2010

KÜLTÜR KLUBS, a double documentary project

Presentation of the project "Kültür klubs", Berlin 2006, by Mirko ZANDER & Olivier CABLAT : a double documentary project about turkish meeting places from Wedding quarter of Berlin.

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Rémy LIDEREAU, Modern safari in Corsica

Série Modern safari - Corsica - © Rémy LIDEREAU 2005

Introducing Johan ATTIA

Serie Identification, © Johan ATTIA 2010


Blackout, New York 2009
30X40cm, tirage jet d’encre sous verre 50X50cm
© Olivier Metzger

Airport effect , New York 2009
30X40cm, tirage jet d’encre sous verre 75X75cm
© Olivier Metzger


Abrakhadafi, a piece of Rachid DATA

Extract from the serie ABRAKHADAFI, realised by Olivier & Patrice CABLAT, a piece of the project "Rachid DATA".

Introducing Laura BIELAU

Labgirls 2008 total of 18 C-Prints framed 31,2 x 22,0 cm

Niepce 2007 C-print framed with passepartout 25,4 x 30,9 cm