The CLUB / Exhibitions - Part 1 - Estelle Hanania

Demoniac babble - Estelle Hanania

" I started photographing them in 2006 and never really stopped ever since then. I’m attracted to a feeling of disorientation and excitement that you can find in these kinds of gatherings and costumed traditions.  
The visual collision between the subject and its background is an endless source of inspiration. I love the wildness, roughness of it and the way people let themselves go and don’t think anymore about how they should behave… 
I mean, there’s something brutal in every kind of traditions I photograph but in a way it’s all about going back to childhood, or at least to a primary and almost naively wild feeling. Just like when you’re a kid and you hide behind a door and suddenly you scream as loud as you can at your sister who just entered the room, and then you have a big laugh as she’s scared to death ! "


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