The SUPERMARKT (08.07.2009 / 12.07.2009)

Pictures by Aymeric Fouquez, Thomas Manneke, and Anne-Claire Broc'h.

Schaden.com (Köln) presenting a selection of photography books.

Olivier Cablat, Adam Etmanski, Thomas Manneke.

Adam Etmanski's book

Sebastian Hau trying to explain the concept of the Supermarkt and
Olivier Cablat finishing the book "Galaxie".

Sundae playing some music tracks in front of his triptic "Elm".

Markus Schaden and a visitor

Simon Scanner under schock

Pictures by Bertrand Fleuret.

Pictures by Thomas Manekke (on back).

Jeffrey Ladd

Mathieu Keuter and Sebastian Hau

Markus' birthday


Did you know Simon Scanner?

The "dolphin of french Pop Art" was presented all the week at The Supermarkt.
You will never think now that tape is difficult to use.

Simon Scanner : http://crudu.org